bite it…


Perhaps it isn’t simply because of their aesthetic appeal, or their way of melting, crunching or sighing in our mouths which makes desserts so tempting; it is how they bring friends together, the smiles or giggles, the sneaky prodding with a finger, a lick to remove that cream, on a cheek or spoon.


As a university student, I made cupcakes and goodies to share with my new friends.  My favorite is their smiles, the shields coming down when they bite into one of them, becoming children with desserts.  Everyone giggles, ‘oh!  you’ve got some on your nose!’, cheeky poke, ‘shush!’, as people begin to relax.


    Do what makes you happy,
Be with who makes you smile,
Laugh as much as you breathe,
& love as long as you live

quixotic bakes


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