l’eto truffles

After a Doctor’s appointment, a beautiful day and my darling mom to treat me, getting a few truffles seemed like an awesome thing to do. So I did.

Drum roll please, this is what I tasted…


Matcha white chocolate
Possibly too bitter? Matcha is a pretty strong taste, particularly if eaten directly as powder. Here. The truffle had a tad too much matcha (never thought I’d type that: most places are stingy bastards), leaving my tongue very dry and tasting that strange spinach-taste-a-like flavor matcha engenders. The inside was pretty decent, but the ganache was not as smooth as I would have preferred. Maybe they used starch? Anyone willing to pretend to be a L’Etto chocolatier and get me some info? No?…


Apple Cinnamon dark chocolate
Inside a tad too sweet. Cinnamon levels were subtle, however, the apple flavor reminded me of carton apple juice from my childhood, which, don’t get me wrong, was very nostalgic, however, not the more evolved taste I was hoping for in such sexy little truffles.

I could so eat these in a little number, on my sofa, Müller yoghurt style advert, eating my truffles. A Snow White meets Manhattan style revamp. Oooh, with an appletini. Just because.

dark champagne

Dark Champagne Truffle
My favorite by far, most likely because of it’s beautiful simplicity: to point the obvious, less is always more. Damn.

pink champagne

Pink champagne white chocolate
Possibly too much starch in center ganache? A tad sweet, but that’s to be expected from white chocolate. Nonetheless, the flavor is pretty awesome as white truffles with champagne go. Not sure I can actually taste the champagne (usually, if the champagne is not of pretty decent quality, it won’t come through the chocolate), but whatever I am tasting is good enough for me. It’s actually pretty decent for those evenings or late afternoons in, working on some document, words running across the screen, wind wafting through the window, open now that a warm spring is shyly announcing it’s approach. Not too strong, the flavor blends incredibly well with the pink hues of the sky, birds singing, and summer smell. If this were any more princess-y, I’d have some lad in some half open shirt, decent jeans and chocolate suede moccasins (see hat I did there?) pouring me some bubbly.

But seriously, I’d rather wine and some spaghetti before summer gets here and warm comfort food has to wait for next round of colder nights.

Now to find the man with the truffles…

L’Eto Caffé 

149 King’s Road,


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